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Here’s a link to our Twitter account:



Our facebook page is back up! I need some people who would be willing to help volunteer as moderators, if you feel up to the job, send me an email.


Well, it’s been a while since my last post-I’ve been busy. I got the new theme up for this blog, so it doesn’t look so pathetic. I also added some widgets to both of my blogs. I really don’t have much to post in the way of zoophile rights, but I had the idea of making a zoophile rights wikipedia entry. I might start on that if I have some time; talk about the zoophile rights groups out there. I figure that every little thing counts, and a wikipedia page at least looks good. I have also felt that we are shrinking quite a bit, our old facebook page over a thousand hits a week, this blog has one hit every two or so days. Don’t be afraid to comment on my posts(I know it’s archaic) or email me about anything, I love to hear from people. I’ll try to get a better website up in the future. For the time being though, wordpress will have to do, I don’t have the resources to run my own site yet.

Social Networking

I think that there should be a ZRM Facebook page. It makes our group more accessible, especially to people who don’t know or are new to zoophilia. I know that there are groups out there that want us shut down, but we need to perservere. We aren’t violating the terms of service, unlike the groups who want us shut down(it specifically says no hate groups). What we need to do is create several pro-zoophile rights Facebook pages and groups. Keep in mind that if they chose to shut down your page or group, you will lose your account. I’m asking for your help to create a few fan pages like “10,000 who support zoophile rights!” as it’s hard for one person to manage that many accounts. Also, a Twitter account for the ZRM would be great, I haven’t gotten around to making one yet though. What we need right now is publicity, or really, we need people to know what a zoophile is and that we exist. Once again, thanks for reading this blog!

Site Updates

Facebook disabled our fan page again, I haven’t yet decided if I’ll create it again. I also updated the blog so it’ll feel a little more like a real website. Otherwise, I’m quite disappointed we lost our Facebook page again. The first time we lost it, we had 285 fans, the second time only about 200. As a website, we might be able to attract more people than just a Facebook page. On the downside, people won’t be able able to fan it, or become members. And, although there are plenty of zoophilia based websites, this seems to be the first one dedicated entirely to Zoophile Rights. Also, I don’t know how often I’ll be able to post, but I’ll post as frequently as I can.

We’re up!

Welcome to the new Zoophile Rights Movement(ZRM) blog!